About NOXS

NoxsPro is a marketplace allowing carefully selected authentic brands to offer their products for sale to thousands of individuals and professionals in Europe. 

In addition to facilitating transactions, we offer our customers authentic and eco-responsible products from short circuits accessible to all.

From beginning, we have had this DNA that is close to our hearts: Better consumption makes the world a better place. We are delighted to see that consumer concepts and habits are changing.

The future of trade is artisanal and local

Today, more than ever, our consumer habits are moving in the right direction. The global health crisis we have just experienced has made us aware of the need to promote local sourcing to support and boost local economies.


At Noxs, we go even further in this vision because we believe that the future is in local and responsible trade, but it is also artisanal. Professional and independent artisans and artists play an important role in the future of the global economy.

What is the mission of Noxs?

Unite sellers, craftsmen and artists from different continents around our DNA which is close to our hearts: "Better consumption makes the world a better place" thousands of artisan businesses handcraft unique creations in their workshops around the world. Noxs is the online marketplace that brings together a community of businesses, artisans and artists to help them make a living from their art and their passion. Many craftsmen and artists are sorely lacking in visibility and yet they have gold in their hands. The Noxs marketplace's mission is to give more weight to these precious manual trades by creating a community of professional players committed to a common cause.


green and responsible consumption


all our partners on a daily basis


Better consumption makes the world a better place

Team NoxsPro NoxsPro was created by former Ebay experts in e-commerce in Europe. Ambition is always turned towards the outside world, in direct contact with nature. This makes us fervent defenders of artisanal, ecological, ethical and healthy products. We are convinced that we can help local commerce.

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